looking onward as some scene of reality plays by
seas, mountains, rivers, and then i beheld the sky
to rejoice in such miracles of wondering
and my cat's eye crystal in a green tourmaline,
shone as if somehow being drawn by this deep space
which hath appeared from no known place
this tolken i carried over so many new lands
never quickened until this particular slight of hand
there must have been contact from the inside Earth
beside this spot where I was lazily perched

I hear your call, and I here say
that I will listen and I will pray
of thyself do grant a peice of information
I hope this does not meet with hesitation –
only a message should you have, as I beckon thee
to do please answer me: what is this abyss, this summit crater,
a dungeon from five hundred years of endless nights;
or, is this womb more ancient a place of spells and certain rites?

for this mountaintop I am just a passerby
I cast my eyes downward from my spot up high
because there seems to be something that i can see
beyond what i cannot see
a hidden world may suck me through
and if such a purpose would prove true
I should transform into a butterfly
as I can see they float languidly by
descending as they please
to nap on wysterian branches in grace and ease
the smell as sweet as a siren's voice, i am sure
o! Womb of the earth, do birth
me to be born with thy enchanted realm

and when I open my eyes in that first awake
I shall be no longer a human complicitly
for this womb is not of humanity and its stake
but of a more textured multiplicity :
perhaps my eyes would be bigger,
to see a truer spectrum of lightness;
perhaps my heart would pump more blood,
for the livliness of joy would run in my veins;
and my feet would be more firmly planted like roots;
and my arms with sprouted wings -- for what is needed changes,
and is always within reach
awaken now within the inner Earth
dimensions have shifted in this rebirth

O pjesmi i autorici: 

Ukratko rečeno Elizabeth Chamberlain je svjetska putnica - profesorica engleskog jezika koja već dvije godine nije bila na onom mjestu koje zovemo dom, a u njenom slučaju to je SAD. Do Rijeke je došla nakon putovanja od pet i pol mjeseci provedenog uglavnom na bicikli i to na ruti od mediteranske obale Španjolske preko atlantske obale Maroka, pa do Italije, Slovenije, Mađarske, Rumunjske, Srbije i naposljetku Hrvatske. Na mjestima kojima putuje Elizabeth dobiva i umjetničku inspiraciju, pa je u Rijeci poslije izleta na brdo Sveti Križ nastala pjesma "an exploration of sveti križ" koju je poslala našem magazinu.